Skiing Skills

To be accepted into the toboggan program, you must be able to pass a skiing/boarding skills assessment showing your competency in the basics, and you must be able to competently ski/board at least blue runs.

The basic skill requirements are:


  • Side slip

  • Wedge

  • Smoothly transition from wedge to side slip in both directions (in a corridor of 2–3 ski lengths wide)

  • Static turn (kick turn) (change the direction of your skis across the fall line by 180 degrees while standing still on a moderate slope without using poles)

  • Side step and duck walk up the hill

  • Long, medium and short radius turns (speed control, consistent radius, flow)

  • Hockey stops–ski quickly straight down the fall line, then stop rapidly in full control.


  • Toe and Heel Side slips (straight down fall line, no lateral motion)

  • Skidding turns

  • Carving turns

  • Falling leaf

  • Static direction change (jump turn)