Training Program

A hallmark of the National Ski Patrol is the quality patroller education courses available. Sunrise Ski Patrol offers the following courses:

Outdoor Emergency Care – This 80+ hour first aid course is required of all Sunrise Volunteer Base and Alpine Patrollers. Juniors may also take the course. We use a hybrid course model that includes online instruction and in-person practical sessions. Completing the course requires passing the written and practical exams. Courses are typically offered annually beginning in late July and continuing through mid-October. Courses may be offered in the Phoenix area and/or the White Mountain area, depending on interest and instructor availability. Current EMTs, paramedics, and other emergency medical personnel may challenge the course by passing the written and practical exams. The course is offered every year with a fee.

Outdoor Emergency Transportation – This course teaches the skills to safely transport a patient in a toboggan. Training happens on weekends from early January to March. We look for skiers and boarders with strong intermediate to advanced skills skiing or boarding skills to qualify for the training program. There is no charge for this course.

Mountain Travel and Rescue – Patrollers interested in learning basic winter survival skills, mountain travel techniques, wilderness navigation, hazard management, and search-and-rescue can participate in this overnight wilderness course. The course is typically offered the first or second weekend of February. There is no charge for this course.


Avalanche – The avalanche course prepares patrollers and members of the public to respond to avalanches. It includes content on personal safety, assessment of avalanche hazards, and safe search strategies. The course is offered every few years with a fee.